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Banjaran Asset Management (Cambodia) PLC. (“BAMC”) was incorporated in 2022 and it obtained its fund management license from the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (“SERC”) in March 2023. BAMC is the diversified fund management company in Cambodia to launch an inaugural public unit trust fund in the Kingdom.

The name “BANJARAN” is inspired by the scenic mountain ranges in the Asia Pacific region as it symbolizes strength, stability and longevity, which also embodies our corporate principles and investment philosophy.

Our Vision

To be the world-class and leading fund management company in Cambodia.

Our Mission

To make financial investment accessible to all people in Cambodia.

Our Values

To act with INTEGRITY, maintain PROFESSIONALISM and deliver EXCELLENCE in order to achieve the highest level of client's satisfaction.

Our fund

Never put all eggs in one basket, diversify it.
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